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We value outstanding talent and have always placed an emphasis on the significance of innovation and creativity, as shown by our R&D strength and array of patented products.

Our R&D team is 45 strong, and includes 12 senior engineers, 18 junior engineers and 15 technicians with an extensive degree of technical knowledge and experience. Currently, 50 products have passed the supervision and inspection of both national authorities and organizations. Among that group, 13 have reached international r-d standards, and 16 meet national requirements. Dozens of our motors and water pumps have attained Utility Model patents, and our subsidiary Suzhou Mintai Power-Max Electric Co., Ltd. is primarily responsible for the research and design of water pumps and motors.

Alongside the numerous patents, we participated in the 863 program in 1998, and engaged in the design of a permanent magnet motor. This valuable experience allowed us to continue research and developing a variety of high quality motors, and in 1992 that paid off when we were honored as a Fujian High and New Technology Enterprise, then again, in 1996 when we were named as a technology center in Fujian.

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