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    1. Oil Transfer PumpBESM pump is special designed for pumping drinking fluid like wine, oil or mineral water and so on. As all components in its wet end are manufactured with rust proof materials so it is safe for food grade material.
    1. Single-Phase AC Synchronous GeneratorThis series of generators is primarily design to serve as a power supply in a small capacity, making it ideal for ships and household electric devices.
    1. Three-Phase AC Synchronous GeneratorThe generators are to be used in town, the countryside, work sites, Mountain and pasture lands as a electric power source for lighting purpose.
    1. Three-Phase Brushless AC Synchronous GeneratorThe model TFW2 series steel casing three phase AC brushless synchronous generator is a newly designed generator. The generator’s rotor uses a rotary process with hole punching, brushless excitation.
    1. 2-6kw Gasoline Generator Set (CHINA Engine)The MG series, single phase gasoline generator set meets IEC standards, and features an excellent performance, economic use, a long service life, a low fuel consumption, very little exhaust emission and noses levels meet European standards.
    1. 8.5-11kw Gasoline Generator Set (CHINA Engine)MG series single- phase gasoline generating Set accord with correlation IEC standards: excellent performance, economic use. Long service life, low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions and noise.