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8.5-11kw Gasoline Generator Set with CHINA Engine, MG Series

Gasoline Generator Set / Gas Engine Powered Generator Set / Engine Powered Generator Set

MG series single- phase gasoline generating Set accord with correlation IEC standards: excellent performance, economic use. Long service life, low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions and noise (meets European standard), light weight and compact structure. The set adopts new type A.V.R stable output and voltage, with automatically circuit protect.

1. Large fuel tank ensures hours of continuous running.
2. Emergency low oil shutdown system is equipped for MG type.it will stop the engine immediately if the lube oil label drops below a safe level, protecting your investment.
3. Brushless generator elimatates time consuming maintenance.
4. Condenser voltage regulator ensures stable voltage output.
5. 12 volt D.C. auxiliary charging (car/boat batteries)
6. Power: 8.5kw-10kw

Technical Parameters

It could use as backup reserve power for computer center, business center. The set could Supply power such as: 400V1230V (three - phase). 230V (single - phase), 50/60Hz. Perfect performance of voltage regulating precision, frequency precision, noise grade, runtime, load capacity ( include condensive load一lead 0.8 ) and 50 on.

Precautions for Use
This series of generator set should be installed in a covered area, protected against the weather.

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