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5-18kw Gasoline Generator Set with KOHLER Engine, MK Series

Gasoline Generator Set / Gas Engine Powered Generator Set / Engine Powered Generator Set

The MK series of gasoline generator sets uses a Kohler original packaging engine as its power source, and is a TFW/TFDW series brushless generator.

1. This series includes a generator/welding machine double use model.
2. The gasoline generator set features a small waveform distortion rate, and the generator's rotor uses a rotary with hole punching (non-uniform air gap) as well as a damp structure.
3. Each generator sets uses voltage regulation with a high precision A.V.R.
4. The set is equipped with 4 universal wheels (with a brake) to make them easy to move, and prevent gliding when the brake is put into use.
5. 30L fuel tank
6. This generator is a brushless generator with a permanent magnet to increase the resistance.

Technical Parameters

The gasoline generator set is applicable for backup power supply for computer centers and business centers, among other locations. The set can supply power in 400V/ 230V (three phase), 230V (single phase) and 50/60Hz of perfect performance in voltage regulation precision, frequency precision, noise emission, run time, load capacity (inductive load-lag 0.8) and more.

Precautions for Use
This generator series should be installed in a covered area, thus protecting it from the weather.

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