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2-6kw Gasoline Generator Set with CHINA Engine, MG Series

Gasoline Generator Set / Gas Engine Generator Set / Engine Powered Generator Set

The MG series, single phase gasoline generator set meets IEC standards, and features an excellent performance, economic use, a long service life, a low fuel consumption, very little exhaust emission and noses levels meet European standards. Not only that, but the generator set is light weight and features a compact structure, all while using a new A.V. R. for stable output and voltage, with automatic circuit protection.

1. The large fuel tank ensures hours of continuous operation.
2. An emergency low oil level shut down system shuts down the gas engine powered generator immediately if the lubrication oil drop s below a safe level.
3. The brushless generator eliminates time consuming maintenance.
4. The condenser voltage regulator ensures a stable voltage output.
5. 12 Volt DC auxiliary charging (car/boat batteries)
6. Power: 2-5Kw.

Technical Parameters

The gasoline generator set is applicable for backup power supply for computer centers and business centers, among other locations. The set can supply power in 400V/ 230V (three phase), 230V (single phase) and 50/60Hz of perfect performance in voltage regulation precision, frequency precision, noise emission, run time, load capacity (inductive load-lag 0.8) and more.

Precautions for Use
This generator series should be installed in a covered area, thus protecting it from the weather.

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