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Three Phase Brushless AC Synchronous Generator, TFW2 Series

Three Phase Brushless Generator / Three Phase AC Synchronous Generator / Three Phase Synchronous Generator

The model TFW2 series steel casing three phase AC brushless synchronous generator is a newly designed generator. The generator's rotor uses a rotary process with hole punching, brushless excitation. The brushless generator also features an AVR low speed protection and shuts down in the event of over excitation, reducing EMI. The TFW2 series leaves out the traditional ring and brush from the machine, giving it the brushless excitation, stator and exciter all fixed in the same shaft, which avoids issues that arise from poor contact after brushes and slip rings wear out, thus, improving the three phase generator's reliability.

The armature winding of the TFW2 series of generators is a connection in a star pattern with a neutral point, and a 3 phase 4 wire system. The rated line voltage is 400V, the phase voltage is 230V, and the 50Hz power factor is 1.0-0.8 (lag).

These generators are used in both urban and rural settings, worksites, mountainous areas and pastures and just about anywhere an electric power source for lighting is required. The AC synchronous generator can also be used as a reserve power source for emergency use.

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