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Generating and Welding Dual Use Alternator/Generator SD Series

Generator and Welding Machine / Dual Use Alternator Welder/Generator / Generator and Welder

The SD series of alternating generators and welders feature a high performance. These self-exciting, double use generators are specifically designed for generating or welding in separate processes, or for simultaneously welding and moderate lighting. This generator is ideally suited for direct coupling or belt driving with medium speed gas or diesel engines, AC motors or DC motors.

The SD series of generators and welders are a drip-resistant, axial ventilation type. The construction of the frame with its front and rear end covers is made from cast iron, giving the generator its durability. The end cover on the drive end features a set of tapped spigot holes, which can be easily fit to the prime mover. There are also two screen mesh plates on the outlets and inlets of the drive in order to provide added protection to the welding machine. After removing the screen mesh plate at the non-drive end, the brushes and slip rings are then easy to access.

Technical Parameters

Precautions for Use
The output voltage of the generator is 230V AC (no more than 80V for the welding portion of the machine), and its frequency is either 50 or 60Hz depending on the application. Other rated voltages can be designed according to customer needs. When the double use set is used for a generator with a 5% speed regulation of the prime mover, under a load variation from 0-100% and 100%-0%, cos Φ 1.0, the steady state voltage regulation rate is no greater than ±5%. If the load undergoes a sudden change, the double use generator can quickly and easily adjust to keep operation steady. When used for welding, the dual use alternator generator/welder features a great characteristic performance for welding currents in order to produce a steady electric arc, thus ensuring the overall quality of the welding.

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