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Single-Phase AC Synchronous Generator, ST Series

Single Phase Generator / AC Synchronous Generator / Synchronous Generator

Mindong's ST single phase synchronous generators have been awarded the national gold medal, recognizing their outstanding quality. This series of generators is primarily design to serve as a power supply in a small capacity, making it ideal for ships and household electric devices. The construction of these synchronous generators ensures it is a water resistant, salient pole rotating field of self-excitation and a constant voltage. The alternator interior is used in conjunction with high quality electric magnetic and electric materials, with a Class B stator insulation. Each generator features an elegant appearance, high quality construction, and is easy to maintain. IEC standards are used on the dimensions, making each single phase generator applicable for use in Australia, Europe, America and other countries with model B end covers.

The alternator interior is used with both electric magnetic and electrical materials.

Technical Parameters

Precautions for Use
Each generator uses a harmonic wave self-excitation constant voltage system, and an automatic voltage control excitation constant voltage system, both of which have excellent dynamic characteristic performances, making the generator convenient and reliable to use.

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