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Self-Priming Peripheral Pump

Self-Suction Pump / Self-Priming Water Pump / Automatic Water Pump

    1. Self-Priming Peripheral Pump, STP65 Series Finding the most different operating requirements such as: supply water from well, pool an so on, increase the water pressure in the pipe, garden sprinkling or clean washing.
    1. Self-Priming Peripheral Pump, TPS Series The TPS series are self-suctionl pumps, with peripheral impeller containing numerous radial blades in its edge, self-priming because of the particular design of the pump body which is with a small tank.

The self-suction pump is suitable for handling clean water that does not contain abrasive particles, and fluids containing no chemicals harmful to the pump component. It is reliable, compact, economic and easy to use. This series of pumps is suitable for domestic and industrial applications, including water recirculation in air conditioners and refrigerators, general industrial water uses, and the automatic distribution of water from surge tanks, watering gardens, and lifting water from tanks or wells at a depth of 9m.

The self-priming peripheral pump is equipped with a check valve on the suction side, which means no foot valve is required. These pumps should be installed in a covered area and protected against the weather.