About Mindong

With independent intellectual property rights, Fujian Mindong Electric Co., Ltd. is a Science & Technology enterprise mainly engaged in production of motor, water pump, generator and units. The company was jointly founded in 2009 by Fujian Electronics & Information (Group) Co., Ltd. and key personnel of management and technology of Sanhe Electrical (Fujian) Co., Ltd. As an enterprise of state-controlled ownership with management team holding shares, Fujian Mindong Electric Co., Ltd. has asset of 200 million yuan and 450 staffs. Read More

Fujian Mindong Electric Corp., Ltd.
  • Sanhe Electrical (Fujian) Co.,Ltd.
  • Fujian Mindong Motor Nevm Tech. Co., Ltd.
  • Mindong Motor (Shouning). Co., Ltd.
  • Fujian Mindong Mptor Co., Ltd.
  • Suzhou Mintal Power-max Electric Co., Ltd.